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Dr. J Juechter

Interviewer: Cynthia Tobar
Length of Interview: 00:39:52
Subject/Themes: Bronx Community College, higher education, women educators
Synopsis: Dr. Juechter tells her story of how she arrived at BCC in 1971 and her involvement in the  development of the Health Science Department at Bronx Community College.


Monique Fortune

Identifier: OH_FORT_M_0001_PT1
Interviewer: Cynthia Tobar
Interview Date: October 19, 2015
Length of Interview:   
Subject/Themes: Haiti, the Bronx, diversity
Synopsis: Monique Fortune speaks about her Haitian heritage, her childhood in the Bronx, and her views on the Bronx in general.

Transcript: Click this link to download a copy of the transcript.
Video Edited By: Cassidy Hosein