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 Place Among the Greats is an oral history project that is collecting the vivid and provocative memories of BCC from students, faculty, staff and alumni. This project will include several voices: from the student who struggled against all odds to get their degree, to the instructor who recognized the potential of teaching nontraditional students, and alumni on their college experience and how it helped shape them into the people they are.

Monique Guishard

Monique Guishard recounts her education in the US Virgin Islands and New York City, especially her higher education in various schools of the City College of New York, as well as her career as a professor at BCC.

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Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf talks about his own higher education, how he came to be a professor at Bronx Community College, and his experiences as an educator.

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Louis Augustus

Louis Augustus discusses her childhood and education in Harlem and a childhood trip to Jamaica, where parents emigrated from and recalls her nursing career and her later career at Bronx Community College.

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